Transportation & Innovation Specialist
Prachi V. lives and works in Washington DC, where she works on Autonomous Vehicles, V2X technologies, digital and shared mobility projects, EV modelling and charging infrastructure in DC, NY and LA. Today, Prachi is building a National Guide for Adoption of E-Mobility, and is helping to establish the E-Mobility portfolio for AES, a Fortune 200 company. Previously, she worked with the World Bank and also consulted and mentored three startup companies — 3 of which were acquired by Daimler AG for $100 million in 2014. Thereafter, she served as the Directory of Strategy at RideAmigos, with the company growing 300% year after year. Today, Prachi sits on the advisory board of startups in the domains of urban air mobility, in-car infotainment, Assisted driving AR/VR, etc. She also mentors companies commercialising innovation from US Federal Labs (FedTech), and can otherwise be found judging startup competitions or serving as a guest lecturer for Entrepreneurship classes for MBA students at GMU. Prachi co-founded WOMANIUM with peers from MIT to build the scientific leaders of tomorrow. Since 2017, over 177+ scholarships have been given by Womanium. She was presented an award by the American Federation of Ageing Research for her contributions in training over 720+ PhD and Post-doctoral students globally in the field of computational neuroscience.