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R&D Director, Head, Deep Learning Loop, Automated Driving
Tobias is an R&D leader, automotive professional and digital transformation enthusiast. He is now bridging the gap between classical product engineering and fast-paced digital business development, with an educational background in computer science (MSc) and vehicle system technology (PhD). Tobias has spent his professional career in the automotive industry across all phases of product development at manufacturers and suppliers. Developing and scaling new business opportunities in disruptive mega trends, such as electric mobility, connected cars and automated driving, Tobias is passionately leading diverse international teams in dynamic and uncertain environments, and is striving to change the world for the better through exponential technologies.
05 October 2023 12:30 - 13:00
The deep learning loop in driver assistance and automated driving: how to manage data-driven development at scale
The rise of computational power and software-defined architectures in the automotive domain has pushed the introduction of computer-vision applications, especially in the field of driver assistance and automated driving. Deep learning-based perception shows a great performance trajectory, which is being introduced in form of continuous software updates throughout the vehicle lifetime. However this is not an easy task. The field of driver assistance and automated driving poses a multitude of challenges of different kind. In this presentation, Tobias will discuss these challenges, Bosch's approach, as well as the challenges yet to be addressed to scale computer vision-based perception further into performant, efficient and safe productive use.

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