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Aydın, Ph.D.
Principal Machine Learning Engineer
Olgun works as a Principal Machine Learning Engineer in Nike, and as Assistant Professor in Gdansk University of Technology in Poland - he finished his PhD by publishing a thesis about deep neural networks. Dr. Aydin also served as a Vice-Chairman of Why R? Foundation and is member of Polish Artificial Intelligence Society. He is passionate about statistics and new methods, and is always enthusiastic to share his experience with all interested in learning data science.
05 October 2023 11:00 - 11:30
Robust infrastructure for a multi-model inference machine
In this talk, Olgun will discuss the challenges of building a robust infrastructure for multi-model computer vision inference at Nike. He will cover the key requirements for such an infrastructure, including scalability, security, flexibility, and maintainability. Olgun will also discuss some specific technologies that can be used to build a robust infrastructure, such as cloud computing platforms, model management frameworks, and model serving frameworks.

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