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Martin Acosta
Chief Engineer, Unmanned Aerial Systems
Miguel is Chief Engineer, Unmanned Aerial Systems at Airbus, and a University Lecturer at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Currently, Miguel and his team are researching full autonomous flight, AI hardware architectures, trustworthiness, and certifiability. Working to make urban air mobility and autonomous drones a reality. Thinking and speaking about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science; we can make a better world using AI in an ethical and valuable way, so I enjoy teaching and guiding people about AI, autonomy, trustworthiness, critical thinking, and values.
05 October 2023 14:30 - 15:00
Visual-based navigation for autonomous flight
Autonomous flight is a rapidly growing field, with the potential to revolutionize transportation and logistics. In this talk, Miguel will discuss the use of visual-based navigation for autonomous flight. Miguel will discuss the different types of visual-based navigation systems, before looking at challenges such as occlusion, illumination changes, and sensor noise.

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