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Chief Technology Officer
In 2014, Javier was working as a Backup & Restore Support Engineer in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a Microsoft recruiter approached him with an interesting offer about being a Support Engineer for this "New thing called Azure" in Buenos Aires. Javier said yes, and from there, after passing interviews and being hired in December 2014, the rollercoaster started and never stopped for a second. One year, he was working for Amazon Web Services in Dublin, Ireland, where he had the opportunity to become a Solutions Architect; and after three years of achievements, it was time to move again, now into Germany, where Huawei Technologies GmbH trusted in Javier's skills and his vision to be their Chief Architect for Open Telekom Cloud and the product owner for the security services. In these roles, Javier has been recognised as Future Star 2021 and Pioneer Award 2022. Now, Javier is facing a new challenge as CTO in Orange Business Services GmbH, overseeing the development and dissemination of technology for external customers while also leading the public cloud team and driving the Cloud Architects Community, navigating the waves to become a European recognised cloud trusted advisor.
05 October 2023 14:00 - 14:30
Boost your business efficiency by leveraging GenAI to automate processes
In this talk, Orange CTO Javier Colladon will discuss how generative technologies are being used to power Orange. Javier will go into how to leverage the power of GenAI to automate costly manual processes within organisations, reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

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