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VP, Image Data Sciences
Günter is VP, Image Data Sciences at AstraZeneca, a pharma and biotech company that develops medicines used worldwide. He worked with Nobel laureate, Professor Dr. Gerd Binnig, on the invention of the AI platform Cognition Network Technology and its application to contextual image and data understanding software, and bases on that, to decision support systems. He is now supporting and shaping the AZ Early Oncology drug and biomarker pipeline with AI-based computational pathology, and contributing to AI strategy and implementation.
05 October 2023 12:00 - 12:30
Imaging AI as key element for transformational cancer diagnostics
Latest imaging technologies combined with AI-driven computer vision and big data analytics enable the precise characterization of cancer at the time of diagnosis as foundation to subsequent treatment decision support. Computational pathology provides the opportunity of functional and morphological quantification of each individual tumor cell in a patient’s sample, whereas radiomics approaches deliver a macroscopic view on the cancer and its heterogeneity induced by clonal evolution within its host environment. In this keynote, Günter will discuss on how advanced cancer drugs such as antibody drug conjugates require next generation of computer-vision and AI based diagnostic solutions to implement true precision oncology for the benefit of our patients.

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