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Aviya is COO at NLPearl, an innovative AI startup specialising in conversational Al for telecommunications. Using advanced machine learning techniques and natural language understanding, Aviya's team are creating Al agents so sophisticated that it's impossible to distinguish them from a human.
05 October 2023 12:30 - 13:00
The end to holding the line - what conversational AI is doing for telecommunications
NLPearl is transforming the way businesses communicate with customers using artificial intelligence. Their unique services allow for 24/7 customer interactions, effective objection handling, customization at an unprecedented level, and much more. Discover how, as Aviya shares the ways Pearl can revolutionize your customer experience and boost your sales like never before.
05 October 2023 10:55 - 11:00
Welcome and opening remarks
A welcome and introduction to the summit from your chairperson.
05 October 2023 16:45 - 17:00
Chairperson closing remarks
We round up a fantastic innovation-filled day with a few words from our chairperson before heading into happy hour.
05 October 2023 10:00 - 10:30
Panel session: Who makes the rules? Building AI systems that are fair, safe and accountable
Ethicality and bias are arguably the most pressing concerns of AI output right now. In this fireside chat, our guests will cover the challenges of building AI systems that are fair, safe, and accountable, covering topics including: → Developing ethical guidelines for AI development. → Creating transparency and accountability mechanisms. → Ensuring that AI systems are not biased. → Building AI systems that are robust to attack. This is an interactive session - be sure to make the most of the live Q&A at the end of this session, as our speakers answer questions on some of the most controversial aspects of the industry.
05 October 2023 16:00 - 16:45
Panel discussion: Putting generative models in action - exploring diverse industry deployments through real-world use cases
Hype aside, the extent to which generative AI is going to transform industry and daily lives is largely uncertain right now. In this fireside chat, out guests will explore the challenges of applied generative AI in industry, and actionable advice on how to build cost-effective infrastructure that supports your organisation's needs. This is an interactive session - contribute to the conversation, and get the opinions of our speakers on the ideas you have for new innovations during a live Q&A.
05 October 2023 08:55 - 09:00
Welcome to the summit
A welcome to the summit by your hosts, AI Accelerator Institute, and an introduction to your chairperson for the day.

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