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VP, AI Engineering
Ahmed Menshawy is the Vice President of AI Engineering at Mastercard's Cyber and Intelligence division. In this role, he leads the AI Engineering team, driving the development and operationalization of AI products and addressing the broad range of challenges and technical debts surrounding ML pipelines. Ahmed also leads a team dedicated to creating a number of AI accelerators and capabilities, including Serving engines and Feature stores, aimed at enhancing various aspects of AI engineering. Ahmed is the co-author of "Deep Learning with TensorFlow" and the author of "Deep Learning by Example," focusing on advanced topics in deep learning. He is also collaborating on an upcoming O'Reilly book, "Graph Learning for the Enterprise," which aims to guide enterprises in efficiently training and deploying graph learning pipelines at scale.
05 October 2023 10:00 - 10:30
Panel session: Who makes the rules? Building AI systems that are fair, safe and accountable
Ethicality and bias are arguably the most pressing concerns of AI output right now. In this fireside chat, our guests will cover the challenges of building AI systems that are fair, safe, and accountable, covering topics including: → Developing ethical guidelines for AI development. → Creating transparency and accountability mechanisms. → Ensuring that AI systems are not biased. → Building AI systems that are robust to attack. This is an interactive session - be sure to make the most of the live Q&A at the end of this session, as our speakers answer questions on some of the most controversial aspects of the industry.

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